„Mezzo-soprano Roswitha Christina Müller sings an insightfully unpretentious version of this ballad, otherwise interpreting the role of Marguerite in a dramatic manner. Her Marguerite is more woman than girl, yet consistently credible.“

BR-Klassik Dirk Kruse

„However contemporary the cast may be, Marguerite, sung with wonderful effortlessness by mezzo-soprano Roswitha Christina Müller, appeared to be the only character to have truly reached the depths of modern-day drills of love; dressed in an eye-catching, bright red gown matched by her velvety, yet diversely opalescent vocal bouquet. No naive Gretchen figure, but a hopelessly smitten, disdainfully dropped young woman whose Prince Charming for a night turns out to be a devilish delusion.“

Nürnberger Nachrichten Anja Barckhausen

„Here, I liked Roswitha Christina Müller’s interpretation, with her richly darkened mezzo as a lyrically intimate Marguerite, who nonetheless formulated her tortured feelings, caused by love, with great expression.“

Nürnberger Zeitung Thomas Heinold

„With her dramatic, light, sweeping mezzo-soprano and mastery of the high register, Roswitha Christina Müller is resplendent as Marguerite, her voice dazzling with melodious sound.“

Opernnetz Renate Freyeisen