Theater Hof 2013, Conductor Arn Goerke, Director Klaus Kusenberg

„Amneris: if the production team wishes to showcase ‘private ordeals against the background of political world history’, this undertaking succeeds most emphatically in the person of the Egyptian princess. As the most nuanced character and the production’s most expressive artiste, Roswitha Christina Müller propels the already high-class cast and indeed the opera itself to new heights: an extraordinary woman. Neither ancient exoticism nor a present stained by civil war makes her so sublimely tangible; the element which underscores her vibrating, shivering, shimmering, trembling, piercing and effervescent soprano so tremulously and quiveringly is ‘more than time: love’. It is the venom of love, jealousy – and its distortion, hate. Amneris pines for Radamès and helps drive him to his ruin. At the opera’s close, the artiste lingers, broken, over the couple united in death and peace. She herself merits the compassion she beseeches for the dead.“

Frankenpost, Michael Thumer

„With her broad, versatile mezzo-soprano, Roswitha Christina Müller portrayed Amneris in a highly compelling, driven manner.“

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Jens Voskamp

„ […] the vocal presence and vigour displayed by Roswitha Christina Müller (Amneris) […] Her dramatic soprano proved the perfect vocal vehicle for her envy and baseness – a delight for the ears in her duet with Aida […]“

operapoint, Oliver Hohlbach