Nuremberg State Theater 2012, Conductor Guido Johannes Rumstadt, Director Balazs Kovalik.

„ … By contrast, the début by the ensemble’s second new member, Roswitha Christina Müller, constitutes a brilliant vocal success.“

BR-Klassik Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian radio station), Barbara Bogen:

„Absolutely fantastic. Roswitha Christina Müller transforms the role of Azucena into a (perhaps slightly too youthful) character portrait, avoiding hyperbole in her interpretation of the maniacal mindset of the woman who mistakenly throws her own child into the flames.“

Der Opernfreund online (Opera Lover online review service), Frank Piontek

„The same applies to another sensational addition to Nuremberg’s State Theatre: Roswitha Christina Müller […] hotly-tipped to play Fricka in the coming season, the mezzo-soprano is likely to be in high demand elsewhere too.“ (online review), Monika Beer

„Roswitha Christina Müller’s Azucena mingles a thirst for revenge, maternal instincts and sheer temperament in what becomes a complex portrait, borne magnificently by her rich, powerful mezzo-soprano, as capable of fiery attacks as it is of shadowy depths.“

Nürnberger Zeitung (Nuremberg-based newspaper), Thomas Heinold

„As the revengeful witch Azucena, Roswitha Christina Müller uses her vocal skills to blend all earth tones between dramatic mezzo and alto, delivering an exceptional performance.“

Nürnberger Nachrichten, Jens Voskamp

„… Roswitha Christina Müller’s Azucena displays explosively dramatic heights, with blazing, bohemian and all-consuming expressiveness which nonetheless convinces despite the character’s almost bizarre profile.“

Opernetz (Opera network publication), Egon Bezold

„… Positively towering above her fellow singers, Roswitha Christina Müller is the discovery of the evening as Azucena, successfully conveying the role’s consummate tragedy in a single melodic line. Even if David Yim […], her scene with Manrico in the second act is the highlight of the performance.“

nmz online (online review), Juan Martin Koch